Believe in What You Do!

My name is Michael Dean Thomas, and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. I have experience in investment banks, a Big 4 audit firm and a startup. I have worked in London, Singapore and South Africa.

I see people drifting in life everywhere I go. People grasping for things to cling onto in their careers. From Millenials working at Macdonalds, to stressed-out corporate workers and to suicidal artists, each day human life is wasted on a global scale!

I have come to the conclusion: most Christian and secular career advice simply doesn’t help people to permanently stop drifting. Drifting is like a recurring illness. After a few years of trying different ideas, most people land back at the same confused place they started from.

We Need a Radical Solution to a Global Problem!

Careers start to drift when we don’t know why we work. We justify our work by entertaining ourselves outside of work with the latest cars, televisions, holidays etc. Drifters frequently switch jobs simply to earn a bit more.

Drifters Look for the Easy Way Out of their Situation

After drifting for a while, we find ourselves at a career dead-end. We need to change careers because we get tired of what we do, the industry changes or because our situations change. Panic strikes when we realize:

I Don’t Know How to Find a New Career! 

Before making a career shift, we evaluate the trade-offs of taking a risk and trying something new. If the sacrifices of transitioning to a new occupation are too great, we end up doing nothing.

Drifters Build a Database of Reasons for not Moving Forward

promo each change has a deeper impact

After not being able to commit to a change in career path, the next stage is despondency. Stress! Depression! If you feel like something is always wrong with your career, then there is. Grumpy people who feel trapped at work is the defining characteristic of people in the despondency stage.

Drifters Feel Powerless

People who grow despondent in their careers often take the first career change option that comes their way. However, the Purposeless Cycle starts again in their new career. They start to drift, hit a dead-end and then become despondent. Our despondency grows deeper each time we change career but fail to find meaning.

Is it Time to Acknowledge that Your Strategy to Changing Career is not Working? 


Jesus told a story about a drifting young man. This man dreamed about traveling to an exotic location and having fun. He asked his father for his inheritance and lived the high life. Unfortunately his dream came to an end when his money ran out. He finally changed career to work on a pig farm.

 We Work on Pig Farms When we Work Without God in our Careers 

Pig farms are transition points in our careers where we can decide to work on another pig farm, or we can choose to work with God. When we leave God out of our career plan, we will never experience a deeper reality:

We are Designed to Combine Faith with Our Careers to Change the Lives of Other People

Jesus said that if we cling to our lives, we end up losing them, and if we let our lives go, we end up saving them. The young man in Jesus’ story found the answer to a meaningful career by asking God for a job. He lost his pride and God reinstated him as a royal family member instead.

Don’t Build Your Career on Mud

Christians Changing Career - Stop Working on the Pig Farm

What are the best career changes? God knows exactly what He made us to do. When we work with Him to change career, we will find work that we will believe in. It will fuse our our heart, mind, soul and energy in achieving our God-given purpose. Real freedom is being able to do what God designed us to do!

Fortunately, God has extended an open invitation to anyone who comes to Him with their ears wide open and listens to what He says. If you aren’t sure how to hear God speak, take a look at my page.

My Mission is to Help Christians Connect God’s Word to their Careers, and Set them Free from the Secular System of Work!

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May God’s Kingdom Come, His Will be Done on Earth as it in Heaven! 

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