Christians Changing Careers Breaking Points vs Constant Change

How Does God Speak in Your Career?

A while back I started a new job at an investment bank in Singapore. I realized quickly that I was going to have a major personality clash with my new boss. Just 2 months into my new job, the stress began to really weigh me down. The fatigue and anxiety created a destructive circle. I …

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Christians Changing Careers Why is life so boring

Why is Life So Boring?

I've noticed how people who say "life is boring" have one thing in common. They expect life to entertain them. Real excitement is not found in being entertained but in changing the world based on how you are designed by God. When you change the world in the way that God designed you, you feel …

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Christians Changing Careers How to go from Drifting to Powerful

How To Go From Drifting to Powerful?

What is a powerful career? A powerful career is one that changes the world. You may bring God's love, life, hope, peace into the world. It is difficult to change the world and in order to do so you need God to back you. In order to go from drifting to somebody who powerfully changes …

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