Are You in the Purposeless Cycle?

My name is Michael Dean Thomas, and I’d like to welcome you to my blog. I have experience in investment banks, a Big 4 audit firm and a startup. I have worked in London, Singapore and South Africa.

I see people drifting in life everywhere I go. From Millenials working at Macdonalds, to unhappy investment bankers and suicidal artists, each day human life is wasted on a global scale!

Regrettably I have come to the conclusion: most Christian and secular career advice simply doesn’t provide a permanent way for people to stop drifting in life.

We Need a Radical Solution to a Global Problem!

As children we often have high hopes about what we will achieve. Some kids say they want to be an astronaut without realizing that only a handful of people in the world do so. Our hope erodes as we become more realistic about what to expect for our careers.

Our self esteem suffers as we work for people. We may hold back from doing our best until we find what we are looking for. However the threat of not being excited by any career during our lifetime is a thought that keeps nagging in the background.

With time many of us stop forget that it is possible to work for a bigger purpose. We drift when we do things without knowing why we do it. It is almost like our mind and what we hope for are pulling in opposite directions.

Purposeless People are Conflicted in What They Want and What They Think They can Achieve.

Over time, living life without a purpose becomes normal. For some reason we just keep going. Our expectation changes from making a change in the world to simply hoping that we will be happy.

Purposeless People are Trying to be Happy. 

Nothing lasts forever. After drifting for a while, we hit a career dead-end. We either get forced out of the comfort zone or life gets painfully boring. Panic strikes when we realize:

I Don’t Know What I Want to do for the Rest of My Life!  

Suddenly we study, build our network, read books, improve habits etc. Most career advice teaches us to rely on money, connections and simple life hacks. We reach the end of the programs & books and say “I still don’t understand my purpose, why do my career options seem so boring?” We can’t commit to a single course of action.

You Feel Purposeless When You Solve Problems That You are not Designed to Solve. 

After searching unsuccessfully for answers, we gradually become despondent. Our attempts to change career quickly are not working. These are the grumpy people who resent their work.

Purposeless People Feel Powerless. 

People who grow despondent in their careers often take the first career change option that comes their way. However, the Purposeless Cycle starts again in their new career. They start to drift, hit a dead-end and then become despondent. When we are trapped in the Purposeless Cycle we don’t focus on what is possible in our careers. Our thoughts are focused on moving onto the next step of the Cycle.

Purposeless People Go Round in Circles.


If we want to stop drifting, something needs to give. What do you think will take your career to the next level? If your answer is something that your friends think is interesting then it is time to forget about following the latest fashions in your search for real meaning. If you are tired of drifting in life then it is time to stop worrying what friends will say. Too many opinions can cause you to keep drifting in life.

Is it Time to Acknowledge that Your Current Approach to Changing Career is not Working?

Jesus told a story about a young man who had given up hope in his career. He thought he would be free when he could do anything he chose. He traveled to an exotic location, had fun and spent his money. Out of desperation he finally manged to get a job on a pig farm.

We Work on Pig Farms When we Work Without God in our Careers.

Why does God allow His children to work on pig farms? Pig farms help us realize that life without God is purposeless. Earning a salary just to entertain ourselves is a waste of life. Like the son in Jesus’ story, it is only when we ask God to help us in our careers that we break through the limitations of our own thinking and live in line with who He created us to be.

On Secular Pig Farms You Never Understand who You Really are and What is Possible for Your Life. You Never Find What You are Looking For.

Is it possible to do something that you really believe in? To be able to give yourself fully to a cause? The way out of the confusing pig farm system is exposure to a deeper reality. The pig farm is only a reality if we allow it to be. God exists. He made you in His image. God’s Kingdom is a parallel dimension that is intricately linked with everything that you do every day. There is nothing stopping you from doing what you are made to do.

 God did not Design You to Work on Pig Farms! 

Christians Changing Career - Stop Working on the Pig Farm

Why do we stop looking at God to help us in our careers? We may have been taught that God is not that interested in business. We may believe that God does not get involved in earthly pursuits as He is watching from a distance. We may believe that God is not going to give us what we want.

We Need to Change Our Understanding of God in Order to Progress in Our Careers.

Why is it so important to finding God in your career? God made you for a specific purpose. This purpose is supposed to fill you with God’s love that fuses your mind, heart, spirit and soul in a single purpose for life. You are not supposed to lead a life of inner conflict.

Finding Your Purpose is More Important than Choosing a Career!

How do we find out what God has made us to do? The way to find out what God has made us to do is to simply ask Him. Jesus said “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28 NLT) Jesus carries the burdens that you carry so that you can go to work with a deeper understanding of who you really are.

God directs His Kingdom on earth by speaking to people. His people hear His voice. This is the starting point for changing career with God. If you aren’t sure how to hear God speak, take a look at my page.

My purpose for this blog is to help you transition off the disgusting secular, pig farm system onto God’s plan for your career.

God’s Goal is not to Help You Work Better on Pig Farms but to Get you Off Them! 

What is the difference between God’s system and the secular pig farm approach to changing career? The secular approach builds empires and encourages people to look at themselves as the beneficiary for what they do without caring about the purpose that God really created them for. The focus in God’s system is in changing the world in some way. He is in the business of bringing life into the world. When you work with God you are directed, protected and fulfilled.

My Mission is to Help People Connect God’s Word to their Careers, and Enable then to Get Off Pig Farms – PERMANENTLY. 

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May God’s Kingdom Come, His Will be Done on Earth as it in Heaven!