Seek First His Kingdom

The Parable of the Sower explains how God works in people to create real results for His Kingdom.  This is how God changes your business career and the world.

1. Recognize when God speaks

The Parable of the Sower says that God sends seeds to people in the form of words.  The impact of God’s words on people’s careers throughout the Bible have caused major changes in what they did and how they did things.  Whenever God gave a mandate to someone in the Bible, God’s kingdom operated in line with how Jesus described in the Parable of the Sower.

God gives man a choice on whether to allow God’s word to grow inside him or her.  This is why God’s word will not germinate unless Christians recognize God’s voice when He speaks  and realize that His word have the power to transform their careers.

The Parable says that the devil comes to take God’s message away and may prevent people from believing.  For example, Christians may say ‘I don’t believe that God talks to me in this way’, ‘this is probably just a random thought’ or ‘I’ve learned to be more realistic in my lifeAt that precise moment, the ability for God’s word to shape their business career is blocked.

If Christians aren’t sure whether a message is from God, they can ask ‘God is that message from You?’.  Man is a spiritual being and is born custom fitted with the necessary hardware to hear from Him.

The revelation in the Parable is simple and yet profound.  God’s word is ultimate power to lift Christian business careers out of aimlessness.  It is like the CEO of any organisation who speaks and the people in the organization need to take note.  God’s word created the universe and it’s worth taking notice when He speaks through His Holy Spirit.

2. Let what God says take root in your life

If there is one lesson from the Parable of the Sower then it is this. God will not remove the temptation, fear, anxiety, money or pleasure from occupying man’s heart, mind and soul. They are what block God’s word from bringing a harvest and man is given a free choice to hold onto as many of these as he or she desires.

When situations change unpredictably a better way is to keep the heart peaceful.  Jesus told his disciples when the storm erupted on a lake “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”.  The point wasn’t that there was nothing to be afraid of.  The point was that He had already told them that they were going to make it to the other side of the lake.  If Christians are operating within what God has told them, there is no need to be anxious when external situations change unexpectedly.

By keeping the heart peaceful, you allow God’s word to take root in your life.  You allow Him to make whatever changes He needs in your life.

Keeping the heart peaceful is neither a passive nor an active state.   It is a place of being or resting on what God had said. A reliance on God’s grace in your present situation.  It is about being on receive mode from God to deal with whatever needs to be done in and through you.  It is about finding God’s power operating from the inside when things get difficult on the outside.  It is about resting fully in God’s provision.

3. Persistently implement what God tells you

The Parable of the Sower makes it clear that God is not going to direct every decision that a Christian makes.  Why not?  Because He has already given a mandate through His word and because God has fundamentally changed who His people are when His word takes root in their lives.

Christians in businesses need to persistently implement whatever God has told them to do by fully engaging their minds.  The mind fills in the blanks for the parts where God has given him or her choice.  This is not a reliance on self but an understanding of how God’s seed and kingdom operates on earth.  Sometimes God takes an interest in leading people closely in their daily decisions and at other stages God gives His people discretion.  The key is in recognizing when He speaks and revolving one’s thought life around what God  says.

As a result, the final element needed to seek His Kingdom first in you business career is to persistently implement God’s word by fully engaging your mind.

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