How do Christians change career direction?

Most people feel like they need a change of career at some stage.  The Parable of the Sower talks about three stages in the growth of a seed before it meaningfully touches the physical world.

The first stage involves God sending a Word

Navigating a change of career requires a lot of thinking to move forward.  However Christians have another input into the process, which is to recognize when God speaks.   The Parable of the Sower says that God sends seeds in the form of words, and they can only start to grow when Christians listen to Him.

Sometimes God leads changes in career by giving clear guidance on which role to choose next.  In other cases God gives Christians wisdom to choose the next course of action.  The important part is finding God in the situation and then placing what He says at the very center of the decision.  The factors that may have determined which option you choose next may change when you factor in the direction that God is leading you in.

The next stage in the life of a seed is when it develops roots

It is easy to spot external changes in career, like a change in business or a change in job title.  However, the Parable of the Sower says that God’s seed needs to take root and grow inside a person first before any real change is visible on the outside.  As a result, it makes sense to focus on making small internal changes everyday in order to eventually make major changes to your external world.

In summary, Christians can take the following steps based on the Parable of the Sower in order to change career direction: 
1.  Take notice when God speaks.  Make note of the His specific words, as these are the seeds.  God’s word is ultimate power to guide you to your next career destination.
2.  Meditate on what He says.  Seek and you will find.
3.  Place whatever God says at center of any change in career direction.  Talk about it with people whose advice you trust.
4.  Learn to keep your heart peaceful when external situations in your life change unexpectedly.  This slowly breaks down our negative reactions based on temptation, fear, anxiety, money and pleasure.
5.  Say to God “I am open to You teaching and changing me in any way that You like”.   This may lead you into a completely different direction than what you considered before.
6.  Be patient and persistently work towards your goal.

One thought on “How do Christians change career direction?

  1. Thank you so much as this article gave me peace. I work far from my home and I also work on commission and I now am in the process of interviewing for a job close to home that is ideal. I believe God is telling me that this is from Him as I was not searching for a job however I reallly want this position. A recruiter presented it to me.

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