Is God unreliable?

Does God seem unreliable in your business career?

For example, God does not sit down with you to discuss your resume before He gives you a job. He does not determine your future based on where you studied, how many years of experience you have or based on your connections. He does not take a second to congratulate you on how intelligent you are. He does not decide whether to work with you because you are good with people or because you dress nicely. He is not that surprised at how efficient and effective you’ve become. He is not limited or overawed by your nationality. He does not even focus on how ambitious you are about your own future. These are the things that we rely on. He looks straight through our accomplishments and our disappointments. He looks at the potential that He created in our spirits before we were even born.

God may also come across as being unreliable because of the seemingly strange way in which He speaks to us. Sometimes He speaks without any warning all. He may speak about things that do not appear logically possible in our current situation. At other times, God appears silent when Christians pray earnestly. As a result, Christian business men and women can grow skeptical about God meddling in their work. They would not hire someone in their business who doesn’t always show up, why work with God who seems so unreliable?

It turns out that God is not unreliable. His Kingdom simply operates slightly differently to the way in which we manage our own business life.

What we need is a working understanding of how God gets things done. Jesus gave us a working understanding in the parable of the sower. Here’s a summary of how God operates His Kingdom through people on earth:

– God directs His Kingdom on earth by sending Words to people. We need to rely on what He says to us instead of the other things that have come to rely on. His Word is the seed.
– God needs to change who we are before His Kingdom touches the world around us. As a result, God’s Word need to firmly take root in our lives. We may not like being changed, but we need to rely on God to be changing us in way that will enable us to fundamentally change the world through us in our business careers.
– We need to persistently implement what God tell us to do. We need to completely rely on God’s Word to unify our heart, mind, soul and strength.

As business people we need to rely on how God operates His Kingdom.

One thought on “Is God unreliable?

  1. Michele Carpenter

    Great article and agree with all you’ve said. For all those things to happen, we need to listen to what God is saying by spending time in His word.

    In considering our career/work it’s important to acknowledge that any ability that we have is a God-given gift, to be used for His glory. If God gave you an aptitude for maths, ask Him how you can use that gift to glorify Him.

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