When Is Business The Right Career Choice?

How do you choose your career?

Some people choose careers based on what they think they will find meaningful as work. If you’ve been down this route you’ve probably spent a lot of time defining “what is meaningful for you?” Does creating life saving inventions have more meaning than somebody who sells sandwiches? Does saving lives as a nurse have more meaning than somebody who cleans houses for a living? Does creating the latest scientific invention have more meaning than working in a day job while you support your family?

While there is nothing wrong with finding out what you consider meaningful, it can leave you wondering whether you’ve optimized your career correctly. If you suddenly discover that there is more meaning in medicine than law, did that mean you made the wrong decision by choosing the legal industry? If you discover your current science career is not providing the meaning you anticipated, does that mean you should switch to become the artist you secretly always dreamed about?

Another way of choosing a career is by listening to what we see and hear in Hollywood and on social media. Whether we like it or not we get exposed to a lot of hype about celebrities, television personalities and news grabbing headlines. Media often downplays the importance of business as a career. This is completely justified when many businesses have a stated ambition of maximizing shareholders return and a completely separate social responsibility statement. How do you want to work in a business that sees its primary role as taking the most money it can from its customers just to give it to their shareholders?

There is another group of people who prize people who contribute to society in the form of social work, charities and non-governmental organizations. Does a charity provide more value to society than someone who provides a product or service that you need to pay for? Does the payment a business person receives (normally cash) for products and services cancel out the benefit to society? If someone pays for your products or services, does that mean that what you are doing is less valuable than someone who provides product or services for free? How do you measure value to society when we all contribute to it in some way?

At some stage we need to need to ignore the opinions of other people because they are not us. Their reasons for guiding you in specific direction may be biased by their perception of what you are capable of, their philosophy in life and the knowledge that they have accumulated. They may have ulterior motives too, like trying to shift you into their communities. In the greater scheme of theme it makes no difference what other people are called to do.

What is a business person, and why would anyone choose a business career?  As people we are fundamentally designed to change the world. Business people are called by God to change the world by providing products and services.

We need to ask God “how have you designed me to change the world?” This is not a competition to see who can change the world the most. We are all called individually by God to change the world together as a family.

Business people can change the word in deeply meaningful ways. For example, the products or services provided by businesses can radically improve the quality of lives for customers. The services we provide can help people to lead lives that enable them to focus on what they are called to do. We may directly contribute to the growth of economies that enables hope to spread for future generations. If you feel called to start a business you are going to  employ people. You will have an opportunity to help them develop. You can create a change in the world for good.

The parable of the sower says that God sends Words to people that are like seeds. It tells us that success is walking with God into His promises. He calls some people to become doctors and nurses who change the world by helping sick people. He calls some people to become scientists and astronauts to change the world with new innovation. He calls some people to be pastors, who change the world through serving their church communities. He calls other people to change the world through products and services in business.

Do what God says! Stop being restless! Walk with Him into whatever promises He gives to you.

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