Change Business Career with God (ebook)

eBook release “Change Business Career with God” by Michael Dean Thomas:

“Take notes, this is what your book is about. The Law of Power. The Law of Peace. The Law of Persistence. The book you write will revolve around the parable of the sower…”. These were the Words I heard as I walked through the streets of Singapore one day in July 2016. It followed a bumpy few years in my career as my wife and I were shutting down a food factory business that we had worked hard to build over the previous six years. I was also unemployed for the first time in my professional seventeen year career as a chartered accountant.

I asked God to help me understand the strange message. He said to me “I want you to write this book ten times”. I needed to make a decision. Either I would ignore what God said and dive into a new career. Alternatively, I would rely on what I perceived as God’s Word and commit myself to writing this book ten times. With a wife and young child to support, it was not an easy decision. However, I thought that if this really was God speaking that I could rely on His Word. The creator of the universe has more than enough power to provide for my little family.

As I began the slow process of writing and rewriting this book, I realized that I had been drifting in my own business career. I had inadvertently mixed the secular approach to business and God’s approach to changing the world. I had always worked in secular environments. During the eight years before I had worked in an investment bank in Singapore. I began to realize that part of the reason I needed to write the book ten times was to learn how God saw business. I needed to be re-educated.

While I wrote the book, I learnt so many lessons. Here are a few:

1. Many Christians drift in their careers because they are just hoping for the best. God directs His Kingdom on earth by speaking to you. It is unlikely that you will be able to change the world for God if you don’t recognize when God speaks and then build your career on what He says.

2. Some Christians stop listening to God because they are scared that He is calling them to be a missionary or pastor. For example, you may think God is calling you to fulltime mission work if He asks you to change the world with His life, love or faith. In a business calling, God uses products or services to change the world. He may call you to start a restaurant that changes the world with His life. A website that changes the world with His love. A secular job that changes the world with His faith. In order to stop drifting you need to keep on listening to the One who is speaking.

3. Some Christians drift because they are paralyzed by fear. Fear is the result of competing priorities. It is necessary to simplify your priorities in life when you hear God speak. God’s Word needs to receive first priority in a career change.

4. Some Christians drift because they don’t want to change the products or services that they provide. The focus in God’s Kingdom is not on products or services, but on changing the world. Once you see the change that you make in the world, the next step is to seek products or services to effect that change.

5. Some Christians drift in their careers because they identify with the opinions of other people. What will people think of me? What will people do? In order to get past the opinions of other people, you may need to learn to rely on God’s opinion instead.

6. Some Christians drift in their careers when they aren’t sure whether a message is from God. If you aren’t sure whether a message is from God, you can ask “God, is this message from you?” You can also ask a Kingdom advisor to help you transition into a new career.

7. You may reject God’s Word if you think the idea is too radical. Throughout the Bible God used the lives of individual men or women to instigate unexpected change in the world.

8. Some Christians drift through life because they don’t know how to convert a Word from God into products and services. God’s Word starts out as a seed. This seed has the power to change your life and the world. The seed will only grow if the conditions in your life are right.

It has taken nine months to complete the task of writing this book ten times. By the end of this process, I saw a unique way in which this book could help you change the world. The bold vision for this book is to be your guidebook as you change career with God. From the time that God’s sends a seed in the form of Words, until the time you deliver products and services that change the world.

With this book I am convinced that God is calling Christians to change the world with products and services. God wants to work with anyone who is willing to come to Him with their ears wide open and build a new career on what He says. We need to abandon the secular approach, with all of its pitfalls. I pray over the next forty day that God draws you into His heart and that you are propelled forward in your business career.

Extract from “Change Business Career with God”. On Amazon Kindle at a promotional price of $5.99.


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