Change Career with Jesus

The central focus for Christians working in businesses is Jesus. What does this mean? It means that you see Jesus in what you are doing. When you attend a meeting, you see Jesus at the meeting with you. When you travel you invite Jesus to go along. You ask Jesus to give you wisdom when making tough decisions. You invite Jesus to talk with you.

Is this encounter with Jesus real? The way you encounter Jesus is how you see Jesus. Jesus said He is the “I am”. What this means is that if you see Jesus in your imagination with you, then you are really encountering Him there. He is what you need Him to be. It is the same when you invite Jesus to be with you when you pray or read the Bible.

How does your business turn a profit if you are focused on Jesus? This is a question that can only be answered by experience rather than through a theoretical answer. When Jesus walks and talks with you, there is strength to make it through the day. He guides you in new ways when you need to change. He gets involved in your business at the time when you need Him.

Persistence is the key to changing career. Persistence in seeing Jesus with you. Persistence in allowing Jesus to walk with you. The true worshipers of God are those who worship Him in Spirit and in truth.

So does this mean that you never think about what you are doing? Is life just a perpetual string of situations in which you are hoping for the best? The reverse is true. When you begin to hear God speak, He is going to ask you to think. He is going to ask you questions. He is going to help you to activate who you are designed to be in your spirit. Instead of trying to solve problems that don’t need to be solved, when you listen to Him you start finding the right problem to solve at the right time.

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