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Often Christians grow disillusioned in their careers with the secular approach to business. They are ambitious about getting ahead in life but have serious concerns about what a career in business really means.

For example, a business career can feel like a Christian is trying to serve two masters. On one hand you have a boss or a customer who demands performance against profit targets or against a secular value system. On the other hand you sometimes hear God speak. It seems difficult to merge what God says into a business career.

As a result, Christians in businesses can begin to drift in their careers. Drift occurs when you feel like you are missing out in life, that you are selling out your soul or that you aren’t able to answer important questions. Why do I  feel consistently unhappy with my work? Why am I scared of committing to a new career? Why can’t I seem to leave my old career problems behind? Why do I consistently  compare myself to peers who appear more successful? Why do all my career options seem so boring?

If you work with God you will not compare yourself to other people or feel like you are missing out. Christians changing career are on an adventure with God!

What options do you have if you are drifting?

The first option is to keep going like you are now. In ten years time it is likely that you will wake up with exactly the same questions that you have today. Life has changed but you haven’t. The reality is that you will probably just keep on drifting until you die. What a waste of a precious life!

The second option you have is to focus on working for yourself. A self serving secular career where you are at the very center of every decision. Trying to fit in with your colleagues but feeling like you are treading a thin line with your Christian values. In ten years you will wake up and wonder “isn’t there more to life than trying to make me happy?” Although you may have money and power in your career, all your hard work means nothing when you die.

A third option is to work with God. God designed you to change the world. It is different to the self-serving secular approach where everything is about you. You will advance God’s plan on earth. 

Working with God should be your first priority. Why? God’s way of working is the only long term solution to a career that means anything. Your way of working in God’s Kingdom is unique to you. When you work with God life begins to flow. God is the most awesome person in the universe and it is exciting to live based on what He says.

How do you work with God? The Bible says in Psalm 16:11:  “You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.”

Working with God means learning to interact with Him through your spirit. This requires an adjustment to simply relying on your thinking.

One day in Singapore I felt God speak to me. I felt Him tell me to write a book in order to help you Change Business Career with God. I wrote about my experience here:

What does God want business people to know? It is possible to change the world in your business career. You can convert the Words that He sends you into a new career. 

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“This book is well written and very well thought out. It will effectively assist you to do exactly what the title says that it will do.” (Bill, Canada)

Michelle Douglas:

“…I was drifting away from God’s purpose for my life but I found it when I started reading Michael’s book. It helped me to focus on working with God in my career and changed my life for the better too…”

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“Brilliant read from a thoughtful guy who’s experienced it.”

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