Change Business Career with God Book

Is your career adrift? God is waiting to discuss it with you.

God said “Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life.” (Isaiah 55:3a NLT) God works with anyone who comes to Him with their ears wide open and builds their career on what He says. When you change business career with God, you:

  • stop drifting
  • find life in what you do
  • work in the unique way God designed

Change Business Career with God is an exciting, forty day adventure. You will learn how to engage the most powerful person in the universe. You will convert His Words into a new career.

The first thirteen days of this book focuses on asking God specific questions about your career. As you listen to what He says, a picture of your future emerges.

God’s Word is ultimate power to lift careers out of aimlessness.

The next thirteen days of this book focuses on beliefs that enables God’s Word to grow. God’s Word needs to grow inside of you before it can change the world. Fear, anxiety, money, temptation, and pleasure can stop God’s Word growing. The solution is to look at Jesus instead.

In the final fourteen days of the book, God’s Word is converted into products and services. The products and services that you seek need to be sustainable and in line with your unique gifts. Then you knock on doors to change the world in your new career.

Success is walking with God into His promises.

Who is this book for? This book will help if you would like to:

  • start a business of your own
  • work in a business that belongs to someone else
  • radically change your career direction
  • get guidance on what to do when you finish school, college, university or prison
  • end a midlife crisis
  • learn how to work with God

This book is not just a spiritual journey. Michael Dean Thomas BComm Hons CA(SA) CFA has experience in investment banks, a Big 4 audit firm and in a startup. He has worked in South Africa, London and Singapore. In this book, he integrates what God says with practical advice for changing career.

Working with God is the only long-term solution to a career that means anything. When you change the world in the way that you are designed, you find real meaning in your career. You won’t worry whether there is something else you should be doing. You won’t spend your time comparing yourself to peers.

A career built on God’s Word enables you to function in the unique way that you are made.

People have already started to talk about the book:

“This book is well written and very well thought out. It will effectively assist you to do exactly what the title says that it will do.” (Bill, Canada)

Michelle Douglas:

“…I was drifting away from God’s purpose for my life but I found it when I started reading Michael’s book. It helped me to focus on working with God in my career and changed my life for the better too…”

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Amazon review:“Brilliant read from a thoughtful guy who’s experienced it.

Change Business Career with God and Break Out of the Cycle of Purposeless Living!