Friends Around the World

Friends around the world are joined by a common interest in working with God in their careers to change the business world.


  • Paul Crisp. Paul is developing innovative ways to generate financing for the indigenous people of Australia. Paul is also advanced in engaging God in the heavenly pathways.
  • Jane Johnson. Jane’s group Ecclesia Framework helps believers encounter God in heaven.  She facilitates many groups that can help particularly in the idea stage of changing career. 

Los Angeles, USA

  • Pastor Clayton Golliher. Hope for Homeless Youth has an invention club led by the  Holy Spirit. Royalties earned from their many licensed inventions have helped homeless youth start again. A continual source of inspiration for Christians seeking to find meaning in their business career. Technology from Heaven

International Christian Chamber of Commerce


South Africa

  • Michelle Douglas (Finding You is Finding Me). Michelle is a fantastic graphic designer. She put together the striking cover for my book and developed the Implementation Journal. Highly recommend that you sign up for her blog as she helps people to find themselves by finding Jesus. She is also a great artist if you are looking for an original work.

Sri Lanka

  • George Silva. George is a pastor with a calling to help people in Sri Lanka in business. His page is here:

United Kingdom