My Change of Career

After working for seventeen years, across three continents, I was let go from a new job in Singapore. I had worked for eight years in one investment bank in Singapore and decided to try a role in a different investment bank. I didn’t see eye to eye with my new boss, and after three short months my new career ended like so many others in investment banking- a quick meeting with Human Resources and a brown box filled with my stuff.

With such an undignified start, I began a change in my career. I was moving from employment into a business of my own. It was something that I had wanted for many years. I had been part of a family owned startup business in Singapore, where I functioned as the Chief Financial Officer. However, I yearned to be in the driver seat.

This blog is a chronicle of my journey as I struggle to set up a new business. The strategy to start came a few days after I was let go. I was walking in the streets of Singapore and I felt God say to me “Take notes, this is what your book is about. The Law of Power. The Law of Peace. The Law of Persistence. The book you write will revolve around the parable of the sower…”. I wrote more about this event in more detail here:

I completed the first stage of my career change with the release of my book Change Business Career with God on 9 June 2017.  I am moving into a business in which I will help Christians do business. It is something that starts with this book. To provide Christians with a common basis about how God works in lives of business men and women to advance His plan on earth.

Why did I start this blog? I believe that part of what I’m called to do is in my writing. With this blog I connect with like minded people and spread the word that God is using business careers to change the world.

I would be excited to be able to share what I learn along the way with you. Please subscribe!

Michael Dean Thomas has lived and worked on three continents. He was born in South Africa, where he qualified as a chartered accountant with a Big 4 auditing company. Afterwards, Michael’s career changed to London where he worked for an accounting research organization. Afterwards, Michael changed career again when he moved to Singapore to work for an investment bank. In Singapore, Michael also operated as the Chief Financial Officer for a food factory startup. Michael is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand, is a South African Chartered Accountant and is entitled to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.